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1. When Booking with H & A equine transport the individual who booked in or any persons acting on behalf of the client is liable for all payments on the cost of the Equine transport. This includes agreeing to the terms below. 

2. All times given for journeys are an estimate, whilst we try to be prompt we cannot give exact times due to environmental factors, we do attempt to minimise all journeys times.

3. The company will not handle Equines who display dangerous or damaging behaviors, if this is not disclosed at the time of booking, there will be a 100% cost incurred, we have the right to terminate the journey at any point under health and safety grounds. 

4. The driver MUST be given the passport belonging to the equine in transit. *Exception if permitted by urgent veterinary care. We have the right to refuse travel if we feel the passport does not match the equine on board or passport is not available to us. If the passport is not available upon arrival of loading the equine, the Journey will be terminated and you will incur the full cost of the transport. The passport MUST be in hard copy, we DO NOT accept copies/ photographs.  

5. In the event where the equine does not load, there will be a charge of £45 Per Hour, The first 20 minutes of loading is free of charge. We have loading aids available to use, but please refer to clause 3. We will only handle equines who are not displaying these behaviors. We do not use any harsh techniques. If the equine does not load for any reasons, there will be a 100% charge for the proposed journey. It is the drivers discretion when to terminate the journey based on the equine not loading and becoming a risk / distressed, whilst we will take every step to assist to load, we encourage owners / person present to load the equine in the first instant. We MUST be informed upon booking of any horses that may display difficulties loading, this is so we can prepare our day and plan for additional timings. Shared Loads there is a maximum of 30 Mins of loading before we have to terminate the travel, this is due to the timings we are on and the potential of another equine on board. 

6. The company reserves the right to return the equine to the collection address if the equine is observed displaying dangerous, damaging behavior, or the equine is showing sings of severe distress. In these circumstances, it may be the driver is unable to inform you due to safety grounds and will only be informing once the equine has been unloaded safely. We try at all times to keep customers informed. We have cameras on Board which are used to observe the equine on board at all times. We also reserve the right to attend the nearest and safest drop off to unload your horse if they are displaying dangerous behaviours/damaging behaviours or becoming extremly distressed. 

7. All Journeys MUST be paid for in advance, unless otherwise agreed. Journeys must be paid for a Minimum of 48 Hours prior to the planned journey. We reserve the right to keep your deposit and cancel the booking if this term is not met. We accept Credit/Debit card payments, these do incur a 3% handling fee. If the Journey is cancelled within this timeframe there will be a 100% cost incurred. 

8. Shared Loads if cancelled in less then 48 hours Will incur a 90% charge. Shared loads cancelled within 7 days will incur 75% you will be entitled to a refund, if we are able to fill the full journey length  

9. All Transport is booked either verbal/written/telephone and under the agreement you have made yourself aware of our terms and conditions. Once agreeing a booking with us, it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of our terms and conditions. 

10. Any damage to the lorry will be chargeable to the customer, we accept general wear and tear, however, damaged caused in the means of cuts in rubber matting, excessive denting to flooring/walls, damage to partitions and cones, this list is not exhaustive of other damages. Any customer who chooses to use H & A equine transport will be liable for damages to the full cost. These Damages must be paid for within 7 Days of receiving a full invoice. Failure to do so will involve solicitors fee and potential court action.  

11. All Equine entering the box do so at their own risk, it is the owners responsibility to have the equine insured for travel at all times. H & A Equine Transport do not take liability for any accidents in transit.

12. Any deposit paid are not refundable except in the evidence of a vet certificate, which must be produced within 24 hours of cancellation. Deposits are strictly non refundable for any other reasons, including last minute date changes. 50% deposit is required upon booking. 

13. Our normal operating hours are from 8.00am until 17.00pm. Collection times will be discussed prior to booking as during different days / time of year due to heat we may choose to start earlier for the welfare of the equine, if a client is wanting an earlier then in hours pick up, there may be an additional cost, which will be discussed at time of booking. Any bookings which are requested out of these hours may incur an additional fee (which will be discussed prior) we do operate on weekends and Bank Holidays. 

14. We will only take passengers by prior approval, please note, when booking with H&A unless otherwise agreed, we have the right to refuse transport if a customer is assuming travel with the equine due to our insurance purposes and weight limitations and to respect social distancing following on from Covid-19. In the event of an emergency this can be discussed at the time.

15. Tack is travelled at the owners own risk.H&A do not take any responsibility for any damages / theft / incidents with tack or belongings whilst on board. We request that owners hold their own insurances for their piece of mind. Please note: water will b available on board it is advisable if going to an event customers provide their own water and drinking / cooling down facilities due to infection control purposes. 

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss, we welcome any queries and we look forward to working with you. 

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